Climate Wizard is globally proven to deliver cost savings of up to 80% for commercial applications.

“It is using an astounding,
80% less energy”

"This was the perfect solution. There was nothing else we could buy that works as well as this has worked. There’s nothing else out there."

 - Joel Walton, Facilities Manager, Tri-Tool Inc.

Hyper-efficient Benefits and Performance
  • Extend the life of existing refrigerated systems

  • Improve the cooling performance of refrigerated equipment

  • Cooling performance increases when air temperature rises

  • Vastly reduce cooling costs (retrofit or new install)

  • No moisture added (dry air cooling)

  • 100% fresh air

  • Flexible design & engineering configurations

How It Works

Climate Wizard is an air conditioner that uses an indirect evaporative heat exchange core that provides hyper-efficient cooling. It delivers 100% fresh, cool, outside air, with greatly reduced energy consumption.


Climate Wizard can use up to 80% less energy than an equivalent refrigerated system performing the same duty. The cold air produced by Climate Wizard can be similar to that produced by refrigerated systems, with temperatures that approach the ambient dew-point temperature.

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